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Parenting Classes Should not be Compulsory

Parenting Classes Should not be Compulsory


Change is inevitable and every generation has a way of growing up which almost obviously seem like a pumper to the previous cohort. Parenting is thus not a common phenomenon that has to occur in singular regalia every decade (Stattin 1069). The origin of creation does not stipulate specific modalities with which a child is required to be brought up. The Bible only describes the provision of love to the young ones for it is the main strength of bonding. Fauna, in general, have a natural instinct of looking after their young ones and they not necessarily have to attend classes to be good at it. The misconception has however been linked to the fact that the current society is robust and with technological advancements, the children are likely to be exposed to paraphernalia that do not suit their age.

All the despotic claims are meandrous propaganda advocated for by people whose main aim is to control the systems of humanity and dominate the globe. Any progress that mankind makes is done in full realization that there are young people within the society that shall foster their innovations to even higher altitudes. It doesn't mean that they should not be corrected or given directions when children make mistakes, what then would the significance of parenthood have? The ideology of sitting in a class to learn about parenting skills is rather mind-controlling and a disgrace to our natural instinct as the superior species of the animal kingdom (Stattin 1074). Parenting classes only tell about what other people would like a society to be and not what a parent really wants his/her child to be as far as realizing full potential is concerned. I am not of the opinion of parenting classes. Opinions can often be sort of occasional complex situations but east or west, a parent will always want the best for a child regardless of the age group.

In the medical field, there are ethical considerations and the scope of practice to be adhered to. This is to ensure quality care delivery and reduce nonmalificence in the field. The nurse, the doctor or the pharmacist among other medical practitioners have defined scope of practice in which they should adhere to. When Mrs. Smith appeared with an empty amoxicillin bottle which had earlier been prescribed by someone else other than me yet bearing my name as the prescriber, the next logical course of action was to investigate. Make the patient comfortable while I proceed to investigate the situation.Stephanie has been stated by the patient as the last person to speak to the client while confirming the appointment. Approaching Stephanie in the most civilized way is hence the logical thing to do. Seek understanding on why the prescription was made and why she put the wrong prescriber on the printing paper. This enquiry is very essential because there should always be accountability in drug prescription. This is imperative for follow ups in cases of post medication complications and also for professional ethical practice adherence reasons .

Stephanie has been stated by the patient as the last person to speak to the client while confirming the appointment. Approaching Stephanie in the most civilized way is hence the logical thing to do.


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